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At Cookie Cutters, we strive to provide a caring environment where we put both the child and the parent at ease. Our stylists are skilled in cutting hair for all children, and provide that extra special touch for those with special needs. Not all children like to get their haircut, we are aware of this struggle and do all we can to make the experience one that they will want to have again. We strive to help all kids Discover How Much Fun A Haircut Can Be!



Cookie Cutters is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all.  The salon experience can be challenging for those overwhelmed by loud noises, crowds and excessive stimuli.  As such, we have partnered with the Autism Society of Texas to help us better serve our customers with Sensory Processing Disorders.  Through this collaboration we have compiled a list of tips that will hopefully make the process easier for both you and your kiddo. 

  1. Explain the process as best you can to your little one.  Setting the expectation is paramount in developing trust and familiarity.
  2. Visit the salon BEFORE haircut day to even better familiarize your child with the environment.
  3. When you're ready, choose an appointment time when the salon is not busy. Typically, midday weekdays, or the last appointment of the evening
  4. At booking, let us know what are your child's triggers. This way we can minimize use of any salon equipment that may cause issues.
  5. Please leave your ego at the door.  Cookie Cutters is a place where you can let your guard down.  NEVER worry or feel embarrassed if your sweet baby screams or cries during his haircut. This is what we do every day.  We can handle it and help you both through it!



So we can provide the best service possible for all of our customers, here are some helpful hints and a reminder of our policies:

  1. Please be on time - after 5 minutes you will be considered a walk-in.
  2. At booking, please let us know if your child is fearful of haircuts. This way we can add extra time and make the process as easy as possible for your kiddo.
  3. Be Prepared - Is your child tired or hungry? Is he bothered by the hair that falls down the back of his shirt? If so, always best to wait until after meal or nap time and bring a fresh shirt!
  4. Tipping - A 20% gratuity is customary. Our stylists rely on tips for their livelihood. Please be considerate.
  5. Tangles - please brush out your child's hair prior to your appointment. If you can't, let us know at time of booking as detangling can take as long as a haircut! There will be an extra charge of $8.95 for the service.
  6. Redos - All redos must be done the SAME week of service.  



If I could give them 6 stars I would!!! I absolutely loved the way they cut all three of my children's hair it was amazing. It's really hard to find someone that can cut children's hair and I've found my place. My daughters couldn't stopped talking about how much they love it!
Austin, TX

We went to Cookie Cutters for our son's first haircut, and we were a little apprehensive of how he would react. They were professional, quick, and so great! The chairs are all cars or planes, they have TVs and bubble machines for distraction, and we got a balloon when we left!
Austin, TX

Cookie Cutters is great! It is a nice, clean, fun space where kids get their haircut by great stylists who know how to work with children. I was very impressed by the overall quality and promptness of this experience and will definitely bring both of my children back.
Austin, TX

Great experience. Clean, well-maintained, and excellent customer service. I love that there's a playscape for the kids to play on while they're waiting. Ms. Irene went above and beyond to be kind to my daughter and the cut ended up being great. We'll be back!
Austin, TX

This was Gregory’s first experience with big boy clippers, and while he was not in love with the clippers, the stylist was extremely patient with cutting his hair and putting him at ease. And they gave him exactly the cut I wanted, even asking to see pictures first to make sure!
Austin, TX

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